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Housing Benefit Contact Helpline

Housing Benefit Contact Helpline

Housing Benefit Helpline / 0800 055 6688

A Housing Benefit is a payment offered to people by the government in order to help them pay their rent. This is a benefit that is available to individuals who are on a low income and it might cover all or just a part of […]

Emirates Customer Service Helpline

Emirates Customer Helpline 0844 800 2777

Emirates was established in 1985 with the support of the Royal Family of Dubai. The airline started as two airplanes that were leased from Pakistan International Airways and began to rapidly expand from there. It was one of the few airlines that were able to continue operating after the […]

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Samsung Customer Service Helpline

Samsung Customer Service Helpline – 0330 726 7864
Samsung was established in 1975, and in 1977, it finally merged with the company Samsung Electronics to become the business that it is today. These days, there are Samsung products available just about everywhere on earth, which just goes to show how popular the brand is.
For more […]

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Passport Office Contact Number

Passport Office Contact Number
The Phone Number For The Passport Office is 0300 222 0000
About The Uk Passport Office
The UK passport Office is the only place where you can apply for and receive a legal Passport to travel out of the country. They are also a governing body for the registry offices where people […]

P&O Customer Service Phone Number

About P&O
P&O cruises supply cruise liners that take people to their chosen destinations. They were originally part of the Peninsular and Oriental steam navigation companies.
They now have seven cruise ships that combined can take 14.970 passengers. The last liner to be added to their fleet was the MS Adonia in 2011. They are […]

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Gumtree Contact Number

Gumtree Contact Number / 0905 836 0000
All About Gumtree and how to get in touch!
Gumtree is the leading UK classified site that takes in almost a million advertisements every single week. Although they have live chat from nine in the morning till 9 at night, but sometimes only human to human voice chat will […]

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UPS Customer Service Helpline

UPS Customer Service Helpline
UPS Customer Helpline / 08457 877 877
UPS was established in 1907 in America, where it was named the American Messenger Company. By 1919, it officially became the United Parcel Service of America, or UPS. By 2012, it acquired one of its major competitors, TNT Express, and began to rapidly expand its […]

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Admiral Insurance Customer Service Helpline

Admiral Insurance Customer Service Helpline
Admiral Insurance Helpline / 0871 882 0000
Admiral Insurance is a part of the Admiral Group and was established back in 1993. It might have began with a total workforce of 57 people, but today, it is one of the go-to insurance companies in the United Kingdom, with branches all over […]

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Easyjet contact number

Easyjet Contact Number – 0843 104 5000
Easyjet customer service number and contact details

Want to know about Easyjet and how to contact them?
EasyJet was founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995. He started out with two aircrafts that took passengers from London to Glasgow. They were both lease planes, but in 1996 they bought […]

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Child Benefit Contact Number

Child Benefit Contact Number – 0300 200 3100
All about Child Benefit and contact number information
Child benefit is a government payment to all parents who have a child who is under 16 or between 16 and 20 if they are in full time education. It can be claimed by anyone who has a child living […]