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Thomas Cook Contact Number

Thomas Cook Contact Number is 0800 107 3409

About Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook started off as one man’s dream. Thomas Cook, the founder started his company in 1841 and started it with rail trips that took people from Leicester over to Loughborough, then back again at the end of the day. Since then the company has […]

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TV License contact number

TV License contact number 0300 790 6165

As a UK resident if you own a television whether it is black or white you will need to pay for a TV license. The money that is collected for TV licensing is used to pay for the services the BBC provide which includes television, radio and certain […]

Vodafone Contact Number

Vodafone Customer service and contact details

About Vodafone
The Vodafone story dates right back to 1982 when Radical Strategic Radio, who made radio technology for the military was founded. They soon joined up with Millicom to create Racal Vodafone, which was later shortened to Vodafone. Since their start they have grown immensely in the UK […]

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Virgin Mobile contact number

Virgin Mobile Contact Number and customer service information

Virgin Mobile in the UK was available for the public from 1999. They are known as a virtual operator because they don’t actually look after their own network. They use EE to run their service. They were bought by NTL:Telewest in 2006 but then joined Virgin Media […]

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