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Alton Towers is a part of Merlin Entertainment, a company that owns Legoland and Thorpe Park respectively. Currently, it is one of the most popular parks within the United Kingdom and it welcomed more than 2.4 million people back in 2012. Per day, this park sees about 28,000 guests through its gates. For more information about the park, call 0871 595 0116.

alton towers customer service helpline

Alton Towers Customer Service Helpline – 0871 595 0116

 Book Tickets at Alton Towers

Ticket prices differ, depending on the number of days that a person is going to spend in the park, the number of visitors purchasing the tickets and the ages of the visitors. The date of the visit will also play a role in determining the cost of these tickets. Individuals who are choosing to visit Alton Towers should keep in mind that tickets purchased during the busy season will most likely end up being more expensive than those purchased outside of this period.

Tickets to Alton Towers can be purchased directly on the site, or alternatively by contacting 0871 595 0116.

 Special Deals

Special deals being offered by Alton Towers can range from discounted tickets to discounted hotel stays. Those who are looking for special deals can search for them online, since these are offered intermittently. In many instances, tickets that are purchased directly online can be found at a 25% discount to the ones that are purchased upon arrival. After purchasing tickets online, individuals can print them out at home before visiting the park.

 For more information on the special deals being offered by Alton Towers, contact 0871 595 0116.

 Those who would like to learn about special offers that are being advertised by the site can sign up for the Alton Towers newsletter which is sent out intermittently. This newsletter contains information relating to events at the park, as well as all of the promotions currently being offered.

 Rides and Attractions

 The main attractions of Alton Towers are advertised on their official site, and they include;

  • The Smiler
  • Th13teen
  • Air
  • Nemesis

 Some of the more heart-stopping rides are those that are labeled the “thrill rides”. For more information on the various rides that are available at Alton Towers, individuals can choose to visit the site directly or contact the park directly on 0871 595 0116.

 Hotels and Spas

Anyone visiting Alton Towers on a break are welcome to go through the variety of hotels and spas that are being offered by the park, including Alton Towers Hotel and Splash Landings Hotel.

Information about local hotels is also available through Alton Towers.

To find out a bit more about the accommodations available when visiting Alton Towers, contact 0871 595 0116.

 Special Information

Information such as disabled access, upgrading tickets, fastracking, shopping and ride photography is all available directly through the Alton Towers website. The customer service department is able to handle queries regarding these facets. Individuals will queries can contact them directly on 0871 595 0116.

 For more information about Alton Towers, contact 0871 595 0116.

Alton Towers basic rate customer service telephone numbers

If you do not wish to use our service, here are the Alton Towers contact numbers from their website.

01538 703344

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