Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon Contact Number – 0843 506 9293

Who are Amazon & how do I Contact them

Amazon began trading in 1998. They have online stores globally that allow people to purchase goods of all kinds from the comfort of their own home. With smart phones now being commonplace, people are now able to purchase on the go too and have their goods delivered to them at home, workplace or a friend’s address. Originally they were an online store called Bookpages in1996, but Amazon bought them out the beginning of 1998 and changed their name to what it is now. If you would like more information on Amazon then call the customer service phone number on 0843 506 9293.

Amazon Customer service number for packages

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number is 0843 506 9293

Tracing an order by phone

If you have placed an order with Amazon, have checked the estimated delivery dates and that the item has been dispatched you can ring Amazon customer services to get them to track the order on 0843 506 9293. It may be that the item has been lost in the post, but most postal services will have proof of postage which you can ask to see or request a refund for an undelivered item. Although most are delivered as promised they best way to ensure you receive the order and can track it throughout online or by phone is to get it sent by courier or recorded delivery.

Making a Complaint to Amazon

If you are not happy with the service you have received from Amazon or any of the people selling on their pages you should first of all try to contact the seller directly and if the issue has not been resolved you can ring Amazon customer services on 0843 506 9293. The Amazon staff will be sure to look into your complaint and endeavour to solve it.

Can I remove feedback?

If you have left feedback for someone whether it is negative or positive you are able to change this for up to 60 days. This could be because you have left bad feedback but the problem has now been resolved, or positive and you have found that the item you thought was great is actually missing something or no longer works after a couple of days. To do this you will need to ring a member of dedicated Amazon customer service staff on 0843 506 9293.

Is there anything I can’t sell on Amazon?

There is a list of things that you are not allowed to sell on Amazon on their website. These include items that contain tobacco, illegal items in the UK, anything that breaks a person’s privacy, nudity and some plants and seeds. If you are unsure about an item you can ring customer services before listing to find out whether it is allowed first on 0843 506 9293.

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I need an answer to something that isn’t covered online, who do I call?

Although Amazon try to cover all of the frequently asked questions there will of course be some that have been missed out.

To find out the answer to any questions you may have ring 0843 506 9293 where a member of staff will be happy to advise or find out for you.