Apple Customer Service Contact Number

Contact Number for Apple – 0800 048 0408

All about Apple and How To Contact Them

Apple is an American company that sells their products all over the world. They design and sell electrical items, computer software and portable devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and was originally created to create and sell PC’s. In 2007 the name was changed from Apple Computers to Apple Inc, to include all of the other items that have been developed over time.

Apple Customer Service contact Number

Scan here for the Apple Customer Service Contact Number – 0800 048 0408

Troubleshooting? Contact Technical Support!

If you have a problem with the software or an item you have recently bought, but know that it is a knowledge problem rather than a technical one you should refer to your user’s manual. This does not always provide the information you need to solve the problem. You can phone technical support for person to person help on 0844 209 0611.

Where is my Order from Apple? Contact them here!

If you have placed an order and it has not been delivered by the timescale set by Apple, you should get in touch to find out what has happened. Apple items are usually delivered by courier so should only take a couple of days maximum to arrive unless there is a stock problem, which you should have been notified about if that was the case. You should ring 0800 048 0408 to chase it up. If you have not bought from an official Apple store or site you will need to ring your retailer.

When will I get my broken Device back?

If you have sent your device to Apple to be repaired, you can check online to see the status of your order. If you prefer you can also ring 0843 506 9870 to speak to someone who can advise you further.

I want to know more about an item I like

If you have found an item or service that you would like, but want to know more about it first then you can check online. If your question is more complex and cannot be answered at the FAQ page, you can ring customer service for more information on 0843 506 9870. They will be able to tell you about all the specifications in a way that only a human can.

Apple Customer Service contact Number QR Code. Scan Here

Scan here for the Apple Customer Service Contact Number

I need help with iTunes

To get the most from your device, you will at some point want to use iTunes. iTunes allows you to download applications, music, films and TV programs. This service is extremely popular but can take some time to get used to if you were using a different device beforehand. There is lots of advice online, but sometimes finding it amongst all the other troubleshooting tips can be a big task.

If you want to speak to someone and find out about a purchase, refund or any other problem that you cannot solve you can ring the Apple customer service contact number 0843 506 9870.