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Manchester Airport Customer Service Helpline

Manchester Airport Customer Helpline / 08712 710 711
Manchester Airport started undergoing construction back in 1935, but it was not until three years later in 1938 that it was completely opened. Upon completion, the airport contained no less than three terminals that were linked together by a SkyWalk and were designed to enable passengers to […]

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Thames Water Customer Service Helpline

Thames Water Customer Service Helpline / 0845 9200 888
The Thames Water dates back to the 1600s when this river was created because of the increasingly high demand for water in the city of London. Today, Thames Water is currently running the biggest capital investment program, which is worth more than 1 billion each year. […]

Liverpool FC Customer Service Helpline

Liverpool FC Customer Service Helpline / 0151 264 2500
Liverpool FC was established back in 1892 and it became a part of the Football League one year later, in 1893. This club was started after an argument ensued between John Houlding, who was the club president, as well as the owner of the land on […]

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Vistaprint Customer Service Helpline

Vistaprint Customer Service Helpline / 0800 496 0350
Vistaprint was started by Robert Keane who based the company on a unique business plan back in 1994. This plan outlined what a small business would have to do in the event that it wanted to develop a professional image that could be portrayed to the public. […]

DPD Customer Service Helpline

DPD Customer Helpline / 08445 560 560
DPD was established in 1970 and was then known as Courier Express. By 1985, the company was taken over by an Australian team before being passed over to La Poste. Today, DPD is a part of the GeoPoste group and it boasts more than 5,000 customers around the […]

NHS Direct Wales Customer Service Helpline

NHS Direct Wales Customer Service Helpline
THe Contact Number is 0845 46 47
NHS Direct Wales became a part of the NHS Trust Welsh Ambulance Services back in April 2007. This organization is a health service that is available 24/7, throughout the year. For more information on the NHS Direct Wales, contact 0845 46 47.
Contacting […]

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TNT Customer Service Helpline

TNT Customer Service Helpline / 01706 827511
TNT is currently one of the United Kingdom’s premier courier services. The company has more than 70 depots that are located throughout the UK, as well as Ireland, and more than 11,000 employees. The company started under Ken Thomas who was a businessman who made the decision to […]

Alton Towers Customer Service Helpline

Alton Towers Customer Service Helpline – Connection Service 0871 595 0116
Click here for Alton Towers Basic Rate Numbers
Alton Towers is a part of Merlin Entertainment, a company that owns Legoland and Thorpe Park respectively. Currently, it is one of the most popular parks within the United Kingdom and it welcomed more than 2.4 […]

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O2 Customer Service Helpline

O2 Customer Service Helpline
The O2 Customer Helpline is 0844 809 0202
O2 was established back in 2002 after a merger that occurred within the European mobile division of BT. By 2005, the company was purchased by Telefonics, the Spanish telecoms provider and O2 was able to remain with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. For […]

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United Utilities Customer Service Helpline

United Utilities Customer Service Helpline
United Utilities Helpline / 0845 746 2200
United Utilities is a waste management and water supplier service that operates within the United Kingdom. This company is in charge of more than 184 reservoirs within the UK and operates more than 580 wastewater networks. To find out more about United Utilities, contact […]