Barclaycard Contact Number – 0844 811 9111

Customer Service Phone Number for Barclaycard

All ABout Barclaycard and How to Get in Touch

Barclaycard is provided to customers by Barclays banking and retail. They are a global service that introduced the first UK credit card in 1966. They now offer both Visa and MasterCard versions of their credit and debit cards to give their 10.4 million holders within the United Kingdom the flexibility they want. In addition to the millions of customers here, they also have 10.8 million further afield in different countries around the world.

Barclaycard Customer Services

Barclaycard Customer Service Contact Number – 0844 811 9111

To find out more ring Barclaycard Customer Services on 0843 506 8878.

How do I make a payment to Barclaycard?

If you have received a bill and need to make a payment, or wish to do so before the bill is received you can do so by popping into any Barclays branch with your details, online with your personal information, setting up a direct debit or by calling them on 0844 811 9111.

Can I transfer other loans from other companies?

If you have outstanding balances on other loans or cards you may be able to transfer them to your Barclaycard account when you join up. If you already hold a card and would like to do it at a later date you can either apply online or ring customer services on 0844 811 9111 to find out how can benefit from doing so and going ahead if you are happy with the terms.

What do I do if my card is lost/stolen?

If you have lost your card or fear it has been stolen you need to get in touch as soon as possible to prevent fraudulent transactions on your account. You should never give your pin number to anyone if you can avoid it to prevent this from happening. To report a card as lost or stolen you need to ring the Barclaycard helpline on 0844 811 9111.

This line is never closed so you do not need to wait until office hours to report it missing.

I can’t view my Online Statement

If you can’t see your online or email statement you should first check your settings to ensure your security is not set to disregard images. If you are still experiencing problems you should ring the Barclaycard customer service number on 0844 811 9111 for further direction.

I have lost my phone and it has the Barclaycard app on it

Barclaycard Customer Service contact Number QR Code. Scan Here

Scan here for the Barclaycard Customer Service Contact Number

If you have lost your phone or other device that has the Barclaycard app downloaded on it you don’t need to panic. To access your details even through the app the username and password are needed. If you feel that these may have been compromised too you should ring straight away to ensure no fraudulent transactions can take place.

The number to call if you feel that someone may have your log in details is on 0845 811 9111.