Cadbury Customer Helpline / 0121 451 4444

Cadbury started from humble beginnings back in 1824 when John Cadbury opened his very first grocery store on 93 Bull Street. It was from this establishment that he sold products that included drinking chocolate and cocoa. It was only in 1831 that John Cadbury decided to shift his attention to the commercial sale of his products and over the years, this company has become a household name.

Cadbury contact number

Cadbury Customer Helpline – 0121 451 4444

Product Range and Nutritional Information

The Cadbury product range is listed on the official site, and this includes the nutritional information that pertains to the various products. Customers can order products directly via the site, although the delivery costs will differ depending on where the customer is located and how much they order. For more information on this product range, visit the site or contact them directly on 0121 451 4444.

Special Occasions

Individuals can turn to Cadbury in order to get their hands on gifts for a variety of occasions, including;

  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Corporate Events

These gifts can be themed, personalized or purchased in special packages.

To find out more about the gifts being offered by Cadbury, contact 0121 451 4444.

Cadbury Recipes

Cadbury has included a wide range of exciting recipes on their site. These recipes give customers the chance to utilize the products advertised by Cadbury in order to produce a variety of treats.

Nominate a Staff Member For The WOW! Awards

Staff members of Cadbury can be nominated for the WOW! Awards, which honor them for outstanding customer service. In order to nominate someone for this award, individuals can visit their website directly or contact them on 0121 451 4444.

Competition and Offers

Cadbury hosts regular competitions and boasts special offers quite frequently. In order to find out about these when they come along, individuals might want to sign up for the newsletter, which details these events as they occur. For more information about signing up for the newsletter, contact 0121 451 4444, or alternatively, visit their website.

Buy Personalized Bars

Personalized bars can be purchased for a novelty or as a gift for someone else. To personalize a product, individuals will first need to pick from a range of chocolates before choosing a message and a picture that they would like to add to the product. They can complete this process by choosing the “Personalise Chocolate” link on the site.

Those who want to find out a bit more about personalizing their chocolate can do so by contacting Cadbury on 0121 451 4444.

cadbury QR code contact number

QR code for Cadbury Customer Service Helpline – Scan Here!

Plan a Trip to Cadbury World

Cadbury World is a visitor attraction that is run by Cadbury. Those who are looking to visit this park can do so by purchasing their tickets directly via Cadbury.

Want to make a Complaint? This is the Contact number

Cadbury has put certain measures in place to deal with complaints. To find out more about this procedure or to make a complaint, contact 0121 451 4444.

For more information on the products offered by Cadbury, contact 0121 451 4444.