Contact Number For British Gas

Britsh Gas Contact Number – 0800 048 0202

All about Britsh Gas and how tomake contact

British Gas has roots dating back to 1812 when they were called the Gas Light and Coke Company. Since then they have grown from strength to strength and now dominate the market of gas and electric in the United Kingdom. They provide energy to both businesses and residentially to over 12 million properties.

If you would like further information on the services they provide call British Gas Customer Services on 0800 048 0202

British Gas Contact Number

British Gas Contact Number – 0800 048 0505

Joining British Gas

If you would like to join British Gas you can do so by going online or calling the British Gas Sales line on 0800 980 6005. A member of staff will be more than happy to take you through your options so that you can get on the best tariff for your circumstance. They offer different payment schemes and a variety of ways to pay to make your life easier.

I am having trouble with the British Gas Website, Who do I call?

If you are using the British Gas website and find that something is not working as it should or you cannot access your account due to a fault with the site you can call the website technical support team on 0800 048 0505 for help and advice. If we are not contacted to be told of a problem we have not noticed ourselves we will not know so it is important you report any difficulties as a customer as soon as they occur.

I am moving house

If you are moving out of the house you currently have your British Gas service with you should get in touch as soon as you have a move date. This will mean that we can cancel the service at your current address before the next tenant or homeowner moves in so that you only get charged for what you have been using. You can also transfer your account to your new address at the same time so that there is no delay in service or a clash in energy providers.

You will need to call the British Gas moving house hotline on:

  • 0800 048 0202 if you pay by direct debit
  • 0800 048 0303 if you pay by card or key.

I would like advice on how to save energy

QR code Contact number for British gas

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Saving energy is great for the environment and also great for the customer as it means they can save more money on their energy bills. British Gas has a whole host of information on their webpage that can help you cut down unnecessary costs. Just small changes can make a big difference to the savings you can make such as turning off the television at the plug rather than leaving it on standby and conserving heat by closing windows and doors. You can also phone the energy saving helpline on 0800 072 8629 for hints and tips on how you can make changes in the home and how to involve your children in doing so too!