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Credit Expert Phone Number / 0844 481 0053

Credit Expert was established in 1996 and is the UK’s premier online credit service. This company is a part of the Experian group. For more information on what Credit Expert has to offer, visit their website on or contact them on 0844 481 0053.

What They Offer

Credit Expert offers clients the following products;

  • An Experian Credit Report
  • A Experian Credit Score
  • Assistance in obtaining finance that suits your specific situation

The Credit Expert gives clients unlimited access to their Experian Credit Report, which will be regularly updated to ensure that all of the information reflected in the document is 100% accurate. The Credit Score obtained via the Credit Expert helps clients in determining whether or not they will be eligible to apply for credit, before going through the process of doing so.

To find out more about your Experian Credit Report and Credit Score, simply visit their website,, or contact them on 0844 481 0053.

Credit Expert Customer Service Help Line

Credit Expert Customer Service Helpline Number

The 30-Day Trial

Before signing up with Credit Expert, clients have the option of signing up for a free 30-Day Trial. This entitles them to;

  • Unlimited access to their Credit Report and their Credit Score
  • Expert tips on how to go about improving this rating

This is not only an easy and simple method of finding out how you stand financially, but it is also a very effective method that is being used by people to start repairing or strengthening a credit rating.

The Benefits Of a Credit Expert Subscription

What does a Credit Expert subscription offer clients, along with their Credit Report and Score?

Expert Advice

The Credit Expert can help you learn how to not only protect your current score, but also to continue improving it so that you stand a better chance of getting your hands on credit, whenever you need it. Their experts will provide clients with tips on how they can go about challenging any errors on their reports, along with other methods of improving their rating.

Identity Protection

One of the fastest ways to spot identity theft is through an Experian Credit Report. Experian makes use of web-monitoring software that searches social media sites, the web and even government registries to ensure that your private information isn’t being used for malicious purposes. You are also advised to opt for Identity Fraud Expenses Insurance, which covers the cost of sorting out the difficulties associated with identity theft should you become a victim.

For more information on Identity Fraud Expenses Insurance, please contact Credit Expert customer service on 0844 481 0053

Applying To Access The Full Service

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After the 30-Day Trial, fees will be introduced. The trial begins once you have registered with the site, although to access the full service once this expires, you might have to provide ID verification and it could take up to 5 days to fully activate your account.

Take control of your credit rating and score with Experian’s Credit Expert by contact them on 0844 481 0053 or visiting their website