DPD Customer Helpline / 08445 560 560

DPD was established in 1970 and was then known as Courier Express. By 1985, the company was taken over by an Australian team before being passed over to La Poste. Today, DPD is a part of the GeoPoste group and it boasts more than 5,000 customers around the world. DPD’s main competitors include DHL.

Shipping a Parcel

dpd Customer Service Helpline

DPD Customer Service Helpline – 08445 560 560

DPD offers a range of shipping options when it comes to delivering a parcel, including;

  • DPD 10:00
  • DPD 12:00
  • DPD Next Day
  • DPD Two Day

For more information about these delivery options, contact DPD directly on 08445 560 560.

Report an Undelivered Parcel

Individuals can report a parcel that has been delayed or undelivered by contacting DPD on 08445 560 560.

International Services

DPD provides a range of international services that include logistics throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as various places throughout the globe. The DPD Express service caters to individuals within 200 countries, making it a very comprehensive service.

To find out more about the DPD international services, contact them directly on 08445 560 560.

Special Services with DPD

There are individuals who require very urgent deliveries, as well as the delivery of unusual parcels and DPD is committed to catering to these circumstances, whatever they may be. To obtain information about special services, individuals will want to contact DPD on 08445 560 560.

DPD Logistics

DPD offers a logistics services for clients that includes;

  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

This service is fully integrated, allowing small and large businesses the chance to take advantage of it.

To find out more about the DPD logistics services that are offered by this company, contact them on 08445 560 560.

Swap It

Another business-related service offered by DPD is the “Swap It” service that allows customers to swap out items or components that might be faulty for replacements, or have them fixed by the company from which they were purchased.

Find a Local Depot

Individuals can search for a local DPD depot in their area by utilizing the online locator tool or by contacting the company directly on 08445 560 560.

Credit and Billing

DPD offers credit and billing solutions to their clients. This allows individuals the chance to pay their bills at specified times, instead of after every purchase. This option is particularly appealing to businesses who intend on using the services of this company on a regular basis. What is more, clients can utilize the official DPD site in order to view and manage their bills, as well as to pay their accounts.

For more information on the credit and billing options offered by DPD, contact them on 08445 560 560.

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Make a Complaint

DPD has put procedures in place to deal with complaints, and so anyone who wants to find out more about these processes, or wants to make a complaint can do so by contacting DPD on 08445 560 560.

To find out more about any of the services and products being offered by DPD, contact the company on 08445 560 560.