Contact Number for the DVLA

DVLA Contact Number – 0871 595 0117

Calls costs just 10p/min to call an 0871 Number from a BT landline Mobiles may be more.

All about the DVLA and how to get in touch

DVLA was established in 1965, before that time registering a vehicle was the city councils responsibility. They keep details of all drivers in the United Kingdom to keep track of people who are avoiding road tax, those who have been issued points by the courts for crimes on the road and use this information to try to reduce the amount of accidents on the road.

As well as keeping records of vehicles that are registered and drivers who hold a current license they also issue licenses, keep them up to date if circumstances change such as a medical condition needing to be added, chasing up people who evade road tax, help legal bodies find the details of drivers or vehicles thought to have been present at a crime and issue private registration plates.

If you would like to find out more about the things the DVLA are responsible for call 0871 595 0117.

Customer Service Number for the DVLA

Contact Number For The DVLA – 0871 595 0117

How do I apply for a provisional license with the DVLA?

To drive a car in the UK before you have taken and passed your driving test you will need a provisional license. To apply for one you will need a current photograph that is signed by a professional body as set out in the form, identification such as a birth certificate or passport and your current details. You can pick up a form at bigger post offices, apply online or call to DVLA directly on 0871 595 0117 to have the form sent out to you.

How do I transfer my private registration plate to my new vehicle?

It is important to ring to get a private license plate transferred to a new vehicle as not doing so will mean that the DVLA’s details are incorrect. It is also illegal not to apply to change the plate and do so before confirmation. You can make the application online or phone 0871 595 0117 to request one. The charge for changing the plate is £80, which will have to be paid at the time of sending off your V317 application form.

How do I change details on my Driver’s License?

If you have changed your name, address or other details that need to be changed on your driver’s license you should get in touch as soon as possible. You will need to fill in a form and in some cases provide proof of the change such as a marriage certificate. The short form can be found at the bottom of your paper license and should be filled in and sent back. If you cannot find the paper counterpart or are having problems filling it in you should call the DVLA helpline for further advice on 0871 595 0117.

DVLA Contact Number QR code

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How do I make a Complaint?

If you are not happy with the service you have received from DVLA, you should call them to make them aware of it and give them the opportunity to resolve the problem. To make a complaint to the DVLA call 0871 595 0117.

Calls costs just 10p/min to call an 0871 Number from a BT landline Mobiles may be more.