Emirates Customer Helpline 0844 800 2777

Emirates was established in 1985 with the support of the Royal Family of Dubai. The airline started as two airplanes that were leased from Pakistan International Airways and began to rapidly expand from there. It was one of the few airlines that were able to continue operating after the September 11 attacks. For more information on Emirates, contact them directly on 0844 800 2777.

Emirates customer Helpline Contact Number

Emirates Customer Service Helpline – 0844 800 2777

Booking a Flight With Emirates

Emirates flies to and from destinations all over the world, including Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa, among others. They are known for their quality service and their affordable pricing, making them appealing to a very wide market of travelers. To book a flight with Emirates, customers can choose between contacting the airline directly on 0844 800 2777 or alternatively, making use of their website.

The seats that are offered by Emirates include;

  • Economy
  • Business Class
  • First Class

Each of these options comes with certain advantages, with first class being the most expensive, as well as the most exclusive of all the options. For more information on these classes, as well as the perks of each one, contact Emirates on 0844 800 2777.

Booking Hotels and Cars with Emirates Customer Service Helpline Number

Customers can choose to book their hotels and cars through Emirates by utilizing the Find Hotels & Cars tool on their site. This tool will help individuals locate hotels and car hire services throughout the world, and it will even allow individuals to pick the hotel’s rating or chain.

If you want to book a hotel or car through Emirates, you can do so by visiting the official Emirates site or by contacting 0844 800 2777.

Amend Current Booking

You can amend a current booking by contacting Emirates on 0844 800 2777.

Skywards Miles

Emirates is rewarding frequent flyers with Skywards Miles which can be used to earn benefits and rewards the more a person flies. Currently, there are two types of Miles that are currently being offered by this airline;

  • Skywards Miles
  • Tier Miles

The Skywards miles are redeemed for rewards and they can be earned via flights, partner offers and promotions. The tier miles, on the other hand, are collected when a person flies with Emirates and once a person reaches each new tier of the membership program, they will earn more benefits.

For more information on these miles, contact Emirates on 0844 800 2777.

Emirates Customer Helpline QR code

Emirates Customer Service Helpline QR code – Scan Here!

Entertainment with Emirates

Emirates is well known for the entertainment provided onboard, which includes information, communication and entertainment options. The first gives passengers the chance to keep up with all the latest news and events from around the world with channels such as BBC News. Emirates has also put communication devices on board that allow passengers the chance to communicate with their friends, family and associates via Wi-Fi, mobile phones or email. Lastly, in-flight entertainment allows passengers the chance to view many of their favorite movies and series, or play games.

For more information on what Emirates has to offer, contact them directly on 0844 800 2777.