Gumtree Contact Number / 0905 836 0000

All About Gumtree and how to get in touch!

Gumtree is the leading UK classified site that takes in almost a million advertisements every single week. Although they have live chat from nine in the morning till 9 at night, but sometimes only human to human voice chat will suffice. If there is something you need to speak about and want to speak to a human being you can call 0905 836 0000 where a dedicated member of staff will be able to assist you with your request or question.

Gumtree Contact Number

Gumtree Contact Number – 0905 836 0000

Opening an Account

Some customers only use Gumtree to get rid of their unwanted items, but those who have lots to sell on a regular basis, want to advertise their business, rent out an empty property or similar can benefit from discounts. Gumtree say that if you are going to post over one advertisement on the account each week regularly this is the best way to save money.

For multiple advertisements discounts are available. There are also payment options that you can discuss with one of their personal accounts managers who will help you get up and running on 0905 836 0000.

Once the account has been opened you will be given another number and dedicated email to call if you need help with any aspects of the site or making changes.
How to Post an Ad

To post an ad on Gumtree you will first need to press the post job button which is located at the top right of each and every page you visit. You will then need to login if you are already a member or press the ‘no’ button which will take you to a form enabling you to post without joining. You then need to fill in the form and follow the on-screen instructions that will allow you to post your ad.

If you have any problems posting then you can ring 0905 836 0000 to get help from a member of dedicated staff.

What to do if you have not received confirmation of your ad posting

If you have placed your ad and waited 24 hours but still cannot find an email from Gumtree in confirmation, you should first check your spambox to make sure it has not been put in there accidentally. If you have checked your spam and still cannot find your confirmation email then you should get in contact on 0905 836 0000 for help.

Gumtree-Contact Number QR code

QR code Contact number for Gumtree – Scan Here!

How to make your Ad a Feature

If your item or service does not seem to be generating as much interest as you would like you can place a feature ad. The benefit to this is that it will appear at the top of search pages making you more likely to get noticed and get a response. You can set this up online by using the place ad button as you would do for a usual ad, choose your category, fill the ad form and when you get to the bottom and see drive more responses select the feature as. You can then choose how long you wish your ad to be visible for by selecting your chosen duration from the dropdown menu. This is located on the bottom right.

If you need any further help you can call 0905 836 0000.