Job Centre Plus Contact Number – 0845 6060 234

All about Job Centre Plus and how to get in touch

Jobcentre Plus is an agency by the DWP that helps people who are currently out of work to find work, assist with living costs through benefits. They can help with the financial side of travelling to and from interviews and the costs involved such as a suit or other uniform that their client would not be able to afford on the benefits they receive.

job centre plus Contact number

Job Centre Plus Contact Number – 0300 200 3600

They also overlook payments of incapacity that is given to people who cannot work due to ill health and helps them back to work when they are ready. They have a constant flow of jobs in all sectors that can be accessed via one of the touch screen points present in all Job Centre Plus buildings and then help with applying if help is needed.

To find out more about how Job Centre Plus can help you call 0845 6060 234.

What is an Advisor Discretion Fund and whats the number to call?

If there is a job that you have, or would like to apply for but do not have clothing that will make you look the part and give you a better chance of getting the job, you can apply for an Advisor Discretion fund through Jobcentre plus. Application does not always mean acceptance but a job advisor at one of the centres will be able to help you through it.

Just call 0845 6060 234 to find out more.

Can I search for a job online from home?

You can search for jobs quickly and narrow them down to the kind of work you are looking for online from anywhere you have access to the internet; many smart phones now support it too! You will need to sign up for a gateway account to start searching. If you have any problems with the online application call the online services helpdesk on 0300 200 3600.

How can I find my nearest Jobcentre Plus?

There are lots of jobcentre plus’ around the UK. In some cases the one closest to you will not be the one you will register with. It all depends on the postcode allocation. To find the correct office for your postcode call 0845 6060 234.

I am out of work, how do I make a claim over the phone?

If you need to make a fresh claim for benefits because you are out of work and facing hardship you will need to get in touch with Jobcentre Plus so that they can arrange an appointment for you to see an advisor. Call 0845 6060 234 to be put in touch with a member of Jobcentre Plus staff who can help you to do this.

Making a Complaint to Job Centre Plus over the telephone

Job Centre Plus Contact Number QR Code

QR code Contact number for Job Centre Plus – Scan Here!

If you are not happy with the service you have received or feel there have been unnecessary delays in dealing with your claim, you have the right to make a complaint.

You can do so over the phone and find out if there has been any progress by calling 0845 6060 234.