Liverpool FC Customer Service Helpline / 0151 264 2500

Liverpool FC was established back in 1892 and it became a part of the Football League one year later, in 1893. This club was started after an argument ensued between John Houlding, who was the club president, as well as the owner of the land on which Anfield is situated, and the Everton committee. The club was originally going to be named Everton FC, but it officially became Liverpool FC in March of 1982. To find out more about Liverpool FC, contact them directly on 0151 264 2500 or visit their official website.

Liverpool FC Customer Service Helpline

Liverpool FC Customer Service Helpline – 0151 264 2500

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased to the games at Anfield via the Liverpool FC website, or by contacting 0151 264 2500. Individuals can also purchase season tickets by contacting this number.

Liverpool FC Membership

A membership to Liverpool FC entitles members to a range of benefits, depending on which one they opt for. The memberships that are currently available include;

  • Full Membership
  • Little Liver Membership
  • Mighty Reds Membership
  • Teen Reds Membership
  • International Membership
  • Light Membership

Those who opt for a full, junior or light membership will be able to book priority tickets to all of the Barclays Premier League games that take place on their home grounds, Anfield.

To find out more about a membership to Liverpool FC, or to sign up as a member, contact 0151 264 2500.

Information About Upcoming Matches

The information about the upcoming matches that Liverpool FC will be taking part in will be displayed on their official site. Alternatively, individuals can always choose to contact 0151 264 2500 to find out more about them.

Online Store

The online Liverpool FC store provides customers with the chance to get their hands on a range of products, from kits to personalized souvenirs.

For more information about the products that are being sold via the official site, visit the site or contact 0151 264 2500.

Taking a Tour

Tours of Anfield Stadium are offered regularly and they allow fans the chance to come up close and personal with the grounds on which their favorite players train and perform. The Anfield Stadium Tour is an award winning tour that gives fans behind-the-scenes access to this facility. These tours are even offered on home match days.

Each tour includes a one hour visit of the premises, a chance to touch the “This is Anfield” sign, a view of the dressing room, a visit to the press room and a seat within the manager’s dugout. During the tour, visitors can expect to hear a wide range of stories about Anfield, as well as opportunities to take photographs.


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The costs of these tours will differ, depending on which one an individual is interested in joining.

To find out more about the tours of Anfield being offered by Liverpool FC, contact them on 0151 264 2500.

For more information about Liverpool FC, including the tickets and the tours being offered by the club, contact them directly on 0151 264 2500.