Manchester Airport Customer Helpline / 08712 710 711

Manchester Airport started undergoing construction back in 1935, but it was not until three years later in 1938 that it was completely opened. Upon completion, the airport contained no less than three terminals that were linked together by a SkyWalk and were designed to enable passengers to walk from one terminal to another in 15 minutes.

For more information about Manchester Airport, contact 08712 710 711.

Manchester Airport Customer Helpline

Manchester Airport Customer Helpline – 08712 710 711

Flight Information

Flight information can be obtained by contacting Manchester Airport directly on 08712 710 711. This information includes;

  • Departures
  • Landings
  • Delays

By contacting Manchester Airport, individuals can get live updates on all flight information. This is particularly handy for those who are traveling, as well as for those who are picking up friends or relatives from the airport.

Booking a Parking Space at the Air port

Manchester Airport offers a wide range of parking facilities that are available to people on a short or long term basis. These spaces include offsite parking spots which require individuals take a bus transfer directly to the terminal, as well as multi-storey car parks that allow for a lot more speed. Offsite parking spots tend to be a lot cheaper, although somewhat less convenient that the onsite spots.

Customers can book a parking space within Manchester Airport by contacting 08712 710 711.

Booking a Place in The Lounge

The airport lounge offers passengers the chance to sit back, relax and perhaps even have something to eat and drink before they fly. This lounge is all about comfort and it can take a lot of the stress out of the traveling experience. In order to book a place in the lounge, passengers can contact Manchester Airport directly on 08712 710 711.

Car Rental

A range of car rental companies are based within Manchester Airport, allowing passengers the chance to take their pick when it comes to opting for their services. Car rentals can be booked for the UK, or alternatively for abroad. Currently, these car rental providers are offering vehicles to customers in more than 30,000 destinations. There are no booking fees expected by these facilities, and there are a range of free amenities for customers to take advantage of.

In order to find out more about the car rental companies that are established within this facility, or to book a vehicle, contact 08712 710 711.

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Travel Insurance

Manchester Airport has established a partnership with Essential Travel, which happens to be an award-winning insurance provider, in order to provide passengers with insurance that is affordable and simple to obtain. Those who are interested in taking advantage of this insurance can choose from one of four packages;

  • Single Trip Insurance
  • Annual Trip Insurance
  • Backpackers Insurance
  • Winter Sports Insurance

To find out more about these various policies or to purchase one of these products, contact Manchester Airport on 08712 710 711.

For more information on the services on offer by Manchester Airport, contact them directly on 08712 710 711.