Nationwide Contact Number is 0800 30 20 10

About Nationwide and how to get in touch

Nationwide has roots that date back to 1884. They were created from two other financial companies The Southern Co-Operative Permanent Building Society and Northampton Town & County Freehold Land Society. The Co-Op made its name change n 1970 and the Anglian society joined them in 1987. They now have around £193.3 billion in assets and have been growing from strength to strength since offering various financial services to businesses and individuals including banking, mortgages and loans. To find out more the contact number is 0800 30 20 10..


Nationwide Contact Number – 0800 30 20 10

Can I check my account over the telephone?

Nationwide offer a telephone banking service that allows you to make transactions and check the balance of accounts over the phone. Customers have to be registered for this service and can do so with their online telephone banking registration form. Once this has been completed and submitted customers will receive a 6 digit code that will allow them to gain details of their bank account securely. Once they have this number they can ring 08457 30 20 10 anytime night or day, week or weekend.

My Card has been Lost/Stolen

If a customer has misplaced their card or been a victim of theft it is important to report it as soon as possible to avoid fraudulent transactions. The fastest way to do this is by using the telephone service that is open all year round 24 hours a day. The lost/stolen contact number for Nationwide is 08457 30 20 10 for Flex account holders, 08457 30 20 18 for FlexDirect, 08457 33 55 44 for FlexPlus and 08457 99 22 22 for credit card holders.

I want to know more about a Service/Product

Customers who have seen a service or product that they are interested can find out more by going online, visiting in store or calling the customer service hotline on 0800 30 20 10.

Is the Automated text/ call I received real?

From time to time Nationwide will send out an automated text or recorded phone call. It is important to verify that the call/text is from them by knowing the correct telephone number they will be received from. They use two numbers to make automated calls or texts which are 0845 401 9133 and 0845 331 2610. If you receive anything from any other number than these two you should get in touch with Nationwide customer services on 08457 30 20 10.

I am struggling with Debt, Can you help? And how do I contact Nationwide?

If customers are suffering from financial difficulty Nationwide will try to help whether the debt is repaying a loan service that they have provided or in any other way. This service is available to all customers and the dedicated customer service number to call for more information is 08456 00 57.