Npower Contact Number – 0800 316 3375

Npower Customer Service Number

Who are Npower?

Npower was founded as Innogy plc, they then bought Yorkshire electricity in 2001. They decided to stop distributing and exchanged that side with CE Electric UK to supplying to Northern Electric customers. When they were taken over by RWE they were renamed in 2002 as RWE Npower. The supply side of the business was called Npower and that is how the name came to be. They now supply gas and electric to companies and residents in the UK. In addition to this they service and repair boilers and central heating. If you would like to know more call Npower customer services on 0808 156 00560800 316 3375 between 8am and 8pm weekdays and on weekends up till 6pm.


Contact Number For EON – 0800 316 33750800 316 3375

What happens to my service if I move?

If you are planning to move home you will need to get in contact with Npower so that they can stop your service at your current address and move it to your new one so that you are only paying for the energy you use. If you have a standard meter you should get in touch 10 days prior to your move, for key or card customers you can contact them the same day of your move. You will need to ring and give the customer services operative your new details and the meter readings from your old address. To notify of a change of address call 0800 316 33750800 316 3375.

Can I change from a pre-payment to standard meter?

If you would prefer the convenience of swapping your pre-payment meter to one where you pay each month or quarter there are a few things you need to know first. You can only get a standard meter if you are not in debt with Npower so if you do have debt on your count you will need to pay it off first. You will have to pay £60 before they can make an appointment to exchange. If you are happy to continue get in touch with Npower on 0800 316 33750800 316 3375.

My account is in credit and I would like a refund

If you have noticed on recent bills that your account is in credit Npower can refund you the money. They strongly advise against it because if you have been set up for a direct debit that takes money monthly you may be in credit when it is warmer outside and your energy bills are low, but during the winter when they go back up again the money in credit can be put towards any bills that are higher than expected. If you know this and still want Npower to refund your credit call them on 0800 316 33750800 316 3375.

Scan the QR code for the Npower Contact Number

Scan the QR code for the Npower Contact Number

Making a Complaint to Npower

If you are not happy with any aspect of the service you have received you should make a complaint to make Npower aware of your feelings. They will try their best to help with your problem and if necessary make changes or issue further training to their staff.

To make a complaint to Npower contact them on 0800 316 33750800 316 3375.