O2 Customer Service Helpline

The O2 Customer Helpline is 0844 809 0202

O2 was established back in 2002 after a merger that occurred within the European mobile division of BT. By 2005, the company was purchased by Telefonics, the Spanish telecoms provider and O2 was able to remain with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. For more information about O2, contact the company directly on 0844 809 0202.

o2 customer service helpline

O2 Customer Service Helpline – 0844 809 0202

Purchase a Package

O2 provides a range of packages to suit a variety of tastes and budgets, and they can either be viewed by visiting the online store or locating a store near you. By contacting the customer helpline on 0844 809 0202, you can find out a bit more about what each package has to offer before choosing one that suits your tastes, as well as your needs best.

Store Locator

To locate an O2 store in your area, you can choose between utilizing the store locator tool on the site itself,or alternatively, contacting O2 directly on 0844 809 0202.

Manage Your Bills with O2 over the phone

Managing your bills is easy when you choose to do it all online. In the past, clients had no other option that to wait until month’s end to receive their phone bill in the post, but clients can now view this and manage their accounts online, simply by logging into the official O2 site. Through this portal, they will not only be able to view their accounts, but they will also be able to query discrepancies and make payments, all within a matter of minutes.

For more information on managing your bills online, contact O2 on 0844 809 0202.

Upgrade or Cancel a Plan

Clients who want to make alterations to their plans, such as cancelling or making an upgrade, can do so by contacting the customer support helpline on 0844 809 0202.

Technical Assistance

O2 has put together a technical assistance team that is available through the site, or by contacting 0844 809 0202. This team has been made available to aid clients in sorting out issues ranging from broken screens to locked sim cards. At times, it might be important for a person to bring their phone into a local store in order to be sent in for repairs. For more information about this, contact the technical assistance department on 0844 809 0202.

Sim Only Deals

O2 offers a wide range of sim only deals that can be used for phones and tablets.


Insuring phones is something that is becoming more and more important as people begin to invest in more expensive phones for personal and business use. To obtain an insurance quote, clients simply have to contact O2 on 0844 809 0202. Insurance can be taken out the moment an individual purchases a phone, or afterwards but it is important to remember that the phone will only be covered once the insurance has been purchased.

Making a Complaint

O2 has put certain processes in place to deal with complaints. For more information on these processes, or to make a complaint, simply contact O2 on 0844 809 0202.