About P&O

P&O cruises supply cruise liners that take people to their chosen destinations. They were originally part of the Peninsular and Oriental steam navigation companies.

They now have seven cruise ships that combined can take 14.970 passengers. The last liner to be added to their fleet was the MS Adonia in 2011. They are the oldest company providing cruise liners in the world and have roots that date back to the 19th century.

To find out more about P&O and the services they offer call P&O customer services on 08716 64 21 21.

P&O Customer Service Phone Number

P&O Customer Service Phone Number – 08716 64 21 21

How do I get a Quote over the phone?

To find out the cost of travelling on one of the P&O cruises, call their customer services department on 08716 64 64 64. They will be able to take your details and work out the total cost of your journey and anything else you would like added such as being able to take your own vehicle on the ferry. You should be aware that the fares can change often so if you plan to book at a later date the quote you have been given may be out of date so do check beforehand.

They don’t give quotations via email because of the risk involved in passing personal details that way.

Do I have to book in Advance with customer services?

Although P&O advise you to book your trip beforehand to avoid disappointment you can just turn up on the day at the port the ferry is set to leave from. As booking beforehand usually offers better value for money it is the preferred method of purchase.

To book in advance call P&O on 08716 64 64 64.

I paid by debit card, why have I been charged a credit card fee?

When you book your journey online you need to take care when you click the card description. Even if you enter debit card details but click credit card by mistake you will be charged £4 for credit card administration. This is not refundable which is why you should make your booking somewhere you will not be distracted or in a rush to avoid mistakes being made.

You can book over the phone and should call the P&O booking hotline on 08716 64 64 64 to do so.

How do I book more than one vehicle?

You will not be able to find an option to book in more than one vehicle, so if you need to add more you will need to contact P&O customer services on 08716 64 64 64. They will take you through the process and help you book in each vehicle.

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How do I make a Complaint about P&O?

If you are not happy with the accommodation, food or any other aspect of the cruises or customer service staff, you should call to make a complaint. Doing so will make them aware that you are unhappy and they will look into your complaint further to try to put things right.