RBS Contact Number is 0800 121 129

The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC

About RBS

RBS was founded in 1727, but they have roots that date back 20 years prior. They have records that are among the oldest worldwide. Since their establishment they have grown to serve people not only in Scotland, but all over the UK and beyond reaching as far as the Middle East and Asia. They have more than 30 million customers to date, with the numbers growing each year. If you would like to speak to an advisor and make a general enquiry you should ring RBS Customer services on 0800 121 129..

RBS Contact Number

RBS Contact Number – 0800 121 129

Giving Feedback

RBS encourage their customers to give feedback on the service they have received to enable them to know where they are going right and of course how to improve anything they are doing wrong. To leave feedback you can either go online or ring 0345 900 0400.

Opening an Account

If you would like to open an RBS account you can apply online, in branch or by telephone. You may have to fill out further forms that will be posted to you or send in ID to verify who you are if you do not already have any RBS services. Ring RBS customer services on 0345 900 0400.

Can I check my balance without leaving home?

There are various ways that you are able to check your bank balance from the comfort of your own home or away. You will need to register for this service before you can use it so that RBS are able to issue security passcodes and ensure your information is kept safe and only accessible to you and those you authorise. To register ring 0845 301 0896. If you are already a customer but have forgotten the number to ring you will need to call RBS telephone banking on 03457 24 24 24. Ensure you have your pin and passcode when calling or you will not be able to get the information or make any adjustments to your account.

How do I apply for a Personal Loan?

If you would like a personal lone and have a regular income RBS may be able to help. They are able to give loans between £1000 and £25,000 depending of course on your circumstances and acceptance. To apply for a loan you will need to call RBS loan enquiry line on 0800 148 8331..

I am having problems paying back an RBS Loan

If you have lost your job or are suffering any kind of financial difficulty the one thing you should never do is ignore the problem in the hope it will go away, it will only get worse and further charges for late payments could throw you further into debt. The best thing to do is to call RBS to see if they can lower repayments or halt payments for a while until you are back on your feet. Call RBS customer services on 0345 900 0400 to see if they can help you.