Scottish Power Contact Number – 0800 027 0072

Scottish Power Customer Service Number

All About Scttish Power

Scottish Power is not lone standing and is actually part of a bigger worldwide group called Iberdrola. They create alternative energies such as wind power and focus their attention mainly to the UK, America, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Scottish Power itself provides energy to individuals and companies in the United Kingdom. They were established in 1990, so have many years’ experience already with dealing with customers’ needs in addition of course to the combined experience of Iberdrola and their other sub divisions.

To get in touch and find out more call customer services on 0800 027 00720800 027 0072.

Customer Service Number for Scottish Power

Contact Number For Scottish Power – 0800 027 00720800 027 0072

How do I set up an account with Scottish Power?

If you wish to change your current energy supplier to Scottish Power you will first need to ensure any debt to your current company are paid so that the account can be closed. The next step is to ring them so that they are able to start supplying your energy and saving you money. The number to call to set up a Scottish Power energy account is 0800 027 04040800 027 0404. They will look at your circumstances and energy uses to offer you the best service to suit your financial situation.

Paying my bill over the telephone to Scottish Power

It is not always convenient to go down to the store or bank in order to pay your bill, which is why Scottish Power give you so many options to pay including online and over the telephone. To speak to a dedicated member of staff and pay your bill in part or full ring 0800 001 51150800 001 5115. This is an automated service that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are paying your bill by credit card there is a fee for administration of 1.5%.

Making a complaint

Scottish Power wants to give their customers the best service possible, but in order to do so they need to be told when and where they are going wrong. If you need to make a complaint you should ring Scottish Power customer services on 0800 027 00720800 027 0072. Staff will try to resolve your problem there and then, but it may take more time if there is something they need to look into further. They will be happy to keep you updated as to the progress of resolving your complaint at any point and will aim to resolve it as soon as possible and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Something’s not working

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If for any reason a service or product provided to you by Scottish Power is not working or your energy supply seems to have been cut you should ring straight away to see whether it is a problem they are already dealing with. If they are they can keep you updated as to how they are trying to resolve it and if possible how long it is likely to take before energy is restored.

The customer service number for Scottish Power is 0800 027 00720800 027 0072.