Thames Water Customer Service Helpline / 0845 9200 888

The Thames Water dates back to the 1600s when this river was created because of the increasingly high demand for water in the city of London. Today, Thames Water is currently running the biggest capital investment program, which is worth more than 1 billion each year. For more information on Thames Water, contact them directly on 0845 9200 888.

Thames Water Customer Service Helpline

Thames WaterContact Number – 0845 9200 888

Water Supply Issues

Thames Water can be contacted in the event that a person experiences difficulties with their water supply. This could present in many different ways;

  • A sudden drop in water pressure
  • A leak outside of the property
  • Poor tasting water

In order to find out a bit more about how to deal with these issues, contact 0845 9200 888.

Paying a Utility Bill

It has become easier than ever to manage utility bills with the help of the internet, and when it comes to Thames Water, they are no different. This organization offers clients the opportunity to manage their accounts online, including viewing bills, querying the account and making payments.

For more information on how to manage your Thames Water account, simply contact them directly on 0845 9200 888.

Information On Water Quality

It is normal to wonder about the quality of the water that people drink, which is why Thames Water has provided a range of information on their website, including facts about how they go about treating the water, testing the water and where they draw the water from.

For more information on water quality, testing and sourcing, contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 888.

Saving Water

Water is a limited commodity, which means that utility companies are suggesting individuals learn as much as they can about saving water. Initiatives such as these can be started in the home, at schools or within local communities. For those who would like to learn more about how they can go about saving water, they should contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 888.

Flooding Advice

Floods can happen just about anywhere, at any time, and when they occur, individuals need to act quickly in order to limit the damage that is done. Thames Water provides comprehensive information on how to deal with a flood. This information can be obtained by contacting 0845 9200 888 or by visiting the official site.

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Report a Leak

Leaks can cause a lot of damage in a neighborhood, which is why it is imperative that individuals report them the moment they arise. Anyone who notices a large amount of water flooding their neighborhood, or a sudden drop in water pressure within their home might want to contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 888 to find out what action they will need to take.

News Updates

Thames Water provides up-to-date information on repairs, leaks and even improvements that are set to take place in a particular area. This information can be found on their site or by contacting 0845 9200 888.

For more information on Thames Water and the services they provide, contact 0845 9200 888.