TNT Customer Service Helpline / 01706 827511

TNT is currently one of the United Kingdom’s premier courier services. The company has more than 70 depots that are located throughout the UK, as well as Ireland, and more than 11,000 employees. The company started under Ken Thomas who was a businessman who made the decision to start his own delivery service back in 1946. Back then, he started with only one truck, but the company has grown exponentially since. For more information about the history of TNT use there contact number 01706 827511.

TNT customer service number

TNT customer service number – 01706 827511

Sending a Package to TNT and how to call them

TNT offers a variety of delivery options to those who are looking to send a package. Individuals can either choose to send a once-off package or opt to open up an account with the company. The latter is usually a better option for those who are going to be using the services of TNT on a regular basis.

Some of the delivery options currently being advertised by TNT include;

  • 9:00 Express
  • 10:00 Express
  • Express
  • 12:00 Economy Express

For more information about the delivery options offered by TNT, contact them directly on 01706 827511.

Tracking a Delivery

TNT allows their clients the option to track their deliveries by utilizing a handy online tool. All that needs to be done to utilize this tool is to input the tracking number into the tracking box and the results will show where the package is located at any given point in time as it makes its way to the intended destination.

To find out more about tracking a delivery, contact 01706 827511.

Reporting a Problem

There might be times when a package is either delayed or hasn’t been delivered. In both these instances, it is important that individuals report these issues directly to TNT. This can be done by contacting the company on 01706 827511.

If a package has been delayed, or returned to the sender, a re-delivery can be arranged by contacting TNT.

Calculate Pricing

The pricing of a delivery will depend on a few different factors, including the size and weight of the package, the destination and the delivery option chosen by the client. Individuals can also use the online tool provided by TNT to obtain a price estimate on a package, based on the specifications that they have in hand. It should be noted that this price might differ, depending on the accuracy of the information provided by the client.

For more information on pricing, or to obtain a quote, contact TNT on 01706 827511.

TNT contact number QR code

QR code for TNT Contact Helpline – Scan Here!

News about TNT

News updates that could affect the delivery of parcels throughout the world, as well as those that revolve around TNT are posted on the TNT site. This resource is an option that allows clients the chance to keep up to date on developments that could influence deliveries around the world.

To find out more about the news updates provided by TNT, visit their website or contact them on 01706 827511.

For more information on the services offered by TNT, contact them on 01706 827511.