TV License contact number 0300 790 6165


As a UK resident if you own a television whether it is black or white you will need to pay for a TV license. The money that is collected for TV licensing is used to pay for the services the BBC provide which includes television, radio and certain online services. The money collected from license holders covers £3.6562 billion of the £5.102 billion it costs to run the BBC. TV licencing sends people information on where the money they pay goes and makes sure that they update their license annually to remain using the services legally. They have the addresses of those who do not have a license and use it to visit homes to give them the opportunity to pay in a variety of ways. Ring customer services on 0300 790 6131 for more information.

TV licence contact numberTV License Contact Number – 0300 790 6131

How do I get a TV license?

You can purchase a license from TV Licensing by going online or calling. 0300 790 6131. You will then be asked whether you wish to pay in full for the whole year or pay in instalments. If you wish to pay in full they will give you an address to send payment or you can pay over the phone. You can also pay monthly or weekly by requesting a payment card where you will be able to pay at the post office or paypoint. Your TV license will be sent to you through the post.

How do I change the address on my TV License?

If you are moving home and need to change the address on your license you will need to ring TV licensing customer services on 0300 790 6131. They will be able to transfer your details immediately so that you are not unlicensed.

Moving in with someone who is already licensed?

If you hold a license and are moving in with someone who already has one you should notify us right away so that we can cancel yours and send you a refund for the amount totalling the remaining time. You can speak to a member of staff about the change of circumstance on 0300 790 6131

Do I need a License if I watch TV on my phone?

Even if you do not have a television set, you should still have a licence if you are using another device to do so such as over the internet via your phone, tablet, computer or other device. If you are caught watching the television no matter which method you could be sent to court and fined. To avoid this ring TV licensing on 0300 790 6131.

What to do if you are struggling to repay

If you are having any problems making the TV license payment you should not ignore the problem hoping that it will go away. The best thing to do is contact a TV licensing member of staff on 0300 790 6131 and see if they can put you on a scheme that suits your financial situation better.