UPS Customer Service Helpline

UPS Customer Helpline / 08457 877 877

UPS was established in 1907 in America, where it was named the American Messenger Company. By 1919, it officially became the United Parcel Service of America, or UPS. By 2012, it acquired one of its major competitors, TNT Express, and began to rapidly expand its services to the public.

Delivering a Package

One of the main services that are offered by UPS is package delivery. This company delivers globally, and there are more than 15 million packages that pass through its many depots each day.

UPS Customer Service Helpline

UPS Customer Service Helpline – 08457 877 877

Quoting a Delivery

In order to get a quote on a delivery, clients can either choose to contact UPS directly on 08457 877 877, or opt for a quote online. A variety of factors will go into determining the cost of this sort of package, including;

  • Destination
  • Service
  • Size of Package
  • Weight of Package

If you are looking to get a quote on your next delivery, simply call the UPS customer service helpline on 08457 877 877.

Ordering Supplies

You can order shipping supplies directly through UPS and you can do all of this online. By utilizing this option, you will be able to obtain free packaging materials, reorder the supplies that you tend to use most often and even save your shipping history so that it is easier for you to access this information when you need it.

For more information on these services, contact 08457 877 877.

Locating a UPS Depot

In order to locate the closest UPS depot to your address, you can either choose to make use of the facility online that will help you with this via your postcode, or you can contact the company directly on 08457 877 877.

Tracking a Shipment

Tracking a shipment is accomplished through a variety of methods with UPS, including;

  • Tracking Numbers
  • Reference Numbers
  • InfoNotice
  • Track by Email
  • Track by Text

There are only a few of the tracking options that are available through this company. Each one allows you the chance to track your package as it goes about being delivered to its destination. Tracking the item also makes it easier to trace in the event that something goes wrong and the package is lost. If you want to find out a bit more about how you can go about tracking your deliveries, contact UPS on 08457 877 877.

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Billing informtion for UPS

You can sign up for a UPS account and have your deliveries billed electronically, or pay upfront for their services. With the help of their online billing management tools, it becomes a simple matter to create your billing reports, view your billing options or even make payments.

Freight Shipping

UPS offered a few different freight shipping options, including; air shipping, critical freight and ocean freight. To learn more about the freight options made available by UPS, contact their shipping department on 08457 877 877.

For more information on the services offered by UPS, you can contact their customer service helpline directly on 08457 877 877.