Virgin Mobile Contact Number and customer service information


Virgin Mobile in the UK was available for the public from 1999. They are known as a virtual operator because they don’t actually look after their own network. They use EE to run their service. They were bought by NTL:Telewest in 2006 but then joined Virgin Media Services in 2007. They provide a reliable mobile service for pay as you go and contract customers. To find out more call 0845 6000789. If you are already a customer of Virgin Mobile you can ring from your mobile on 789.

Virgin Mobile contact number

Virgin Mobile contact number – 0845 6000789

How do I stop Text Services?

If you have signed up for a text service whether chargeable or not, you have the right to end it if you no longer require the service. It can be switched off online by signing into your account or by phoning customer services for assistance on 0845 6000789.

Can I still use my Mobile Internet Abroad?

If you are travelling abroad and still want to keep in touch with people and browse websites from your phone then you should still be able to use it so long as you have an up to date phone and service where you are going. If you are a pay as you go customer you don’t have to worry about making any account changes to browse, however contract customers will have had to have paid three bills prior to travelling out of the Country before they can use their mobile web. The service will also depend on availability in the Country you are visiting. You can phone 0845 6000789 to find out more.

How do I cancel my Virgin Mobile Service?

If as a customer, you wish to cancel the service you receive from Virgin Mobile you can do so at any time as a pay as you go customer. If you have a contract service where you pay a set amount each month from your bank or card you will need to either pay off the rest of your contract term or wait until the end and phone customer service on 0845 6000789. They will make sure your account is up to date and cancel your contract.

How do I make a Complaint?

If you are not happy with the service you have received from Virgin Mobile and want to complain you should ring 0845 600 789. They will take your complaint seriously and direct it to the relevant department so that it can be dealt with efficiently.

Something’s not working

If you have just joined Virgin Mobile or are need advice to solve a problem with your handset or service that is not covered or understandable in the user’s guide you can ring customer services on 0845 6000789. They will put you through to a troubleshooting team who will help you to solve your problem or change your device.