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Vistaprint was started by Robert Keane who based the company on a unique business plan back in 1994. This plan outlined what a small business would have to do in the event that it wanted to develop a professional image that could be portrayed to the public. While its origins were simple, today, this company has more than 25 websites that function in various areas throughout the world. More than 4,100 employees currently work for Vistaprint. For more information on this company, contact 0800 496 0350.

Vistaprint Customer Service Helpline

Vistaprint Customer Service Helpline – 0800 496 0350

Product Range

Vistaprint advertises a range of products to customers throughout the globe, including;

  • Business Cards
  • Websites
  • Cards
  • Marketing Products

For more information about the products being offered by Vistaprint, contact them on 0800 496 0350.

Photo Books

Photo books are currently one of the more popular products being advertised by Vistaprint at this point in time. When ordering this particular product, customers have the opportunity to preserve their photographs by picking the size of the book that appeals to them, as well as the layout. These photo books range in cost, depending on the size.

To find out more about the photo books being advertised by Vistaprint, contact them directly on 0800 496 0350.


Businesses can turn to Vistaprint for their own marketing materials, including flyers, which range in design, style and size. Individuals can choose to have their flyers professionally designed or alternatively, they can put together flyers of their own by utilizing templates offered by Vistaprint.

When it comes to advertising, clients can also take advantage of banners that are manufactured from durable materials to get the message of their business across to their clients.

For more information on the flyers and the banners, contact 0800 496 0350.

Phone Cases

Vitaprint is giving clients the opportunity to personalize their smartphone cases with their photographs by turning these mementos into cases that can be used on iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

Store Locator

For those who are searching for their nearest Vistaprint in their area, the official site offers a store locator that can be used for precisely this purpose. Customers can also choose to contact Vistaprint directly on 0800 496 0350 to find out more about their stores in their area.

Order Online

To order products online, individuals will need to start out by registering for an account with Vistaprint. This is simple and can be done within a matter of minutes. Once they have completed this step, they will have the opportunity to go through the site, adding the products that they want to their “basket” before checking out when they are done.

To find out more about shopping online with Vistaprint, contact them on 0800 496 0350.

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Make a Complaint

Vistaprint has put specific procedures in place to deal with complaints. In order to find out more about these procedures, or to make a complaint, contact 0800 496 0350.

For more information on what Vistaprint has to offer, contact them on 0800 496 0350.